Special Guest at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin

March 1, 2017Keith

Edgewood College planned a full day surrounding MILWAUKEE 53206.  The Dominican Catholic college long ago committed itself to issues of social justice and the faculty and students greeted me and Beverly Walker, who is featured in MILWAUKEE 53206, with a warm welcome.  The campus theater was packed for the screening, and afterwards Beverly, Prestisa (Beverly’s oldest […]

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Speaker at Lobby Day at the Wisconsin State Capital Building

February 28, 2017Keith

The State Senator of Wisconsin, Lena Taylor, asked that I be a guest at first annual Lobby Day that takes place at the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin, where constituents lobby their legislature on issues of criminal justice and many other issues affecting their state.  I was honored to be apart of the successful event and […]

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Cadillac: Pioneers 2017 Academy Awards Commercial

February 26, 2017Keith

I agency executive produced three Cadillac spots for the new ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign that launched during Oscars 2017.  I had an amazing time working with Cadillac, the creative team at Rokkan, who is re-imagining this classic American icon, and Independent Media.

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Featured Guest at Mission Week at Marquette University

February 6, 2017Keith

It was an honor to be the featured guest at the kick-off of Marquette University’s Mission Week. The day of dialogue revolved around MILWAUKEE 53206 with 1,200 in total attendance. Beyond discussions of racial justice, I had a chance to dialogue with the Marquette film students about filmmaking and their aspirations to be directors and […]

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MILWAUKEE 53206 at Google Creative Lab in NYC

January 19, 2017Keith

We had a great screening and lively discussion at Google Creative Lab in NYC. It’s amazing the ideas that get generated when you bring dynamic creatives from different stratas together in one room. I’m so proud of my team and my cast and very excited by what’s to come.

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